2016 photo sessions

Good morning friends! Today I wanted to share with you that I am booking the rest of my 2016 photo sessions!  Whether your heart is set on the fall leaves as a backdrop or you have a fun Christmas card idea in mind, I'd be honored to help your idea come to life! 

Here's a bit of history on sessions and how they work: This summer I've had the honor of capturing so many beautiful stories.  Although each session has varied from the other, all have been fun!  When you show up on the farm for a photo shoot I want the feel in the air to be that of joy and having fun with your people while I capture it!  I know the pressure that comes with perfect poses and taming toddlers (lol) and getting everyone to smile at once.  That is not my approach.  Instead, a few props are usually included like bubbles, books, or balls.  Something to interact with to get the energy going.  I also love to include movement in shoots-spinning, chasing, tickling, or hand-holding.

Sessions aren't just limited to families with toddlers, although I adore those! Any age, any family or group size is welcome!  

 Once your session is booked I'll ask a few questions about you, your family, and your vision for the shoot.  Sometimes a family has certain props like a birthday cake they bring with them.  Other times they give me a few ideas they'd like included or sometimes they tell me to just run with it.  I adore thinking up the props and creative ideas to go along with your shoot! That is what I am here for. 

 Another special feature of my photo sessions is that a video is included! I always tell my families that I'll be filming during the entire photo session!  I then love to sit down with all that precious video and take a piece here, a piece there, and fit them together like a puzzle to create a lasting memory through the use of film for you.  

All sessions include both digital, edited photos and a film!
I am currently booking the rest of my 2016 sessions.  I encourage you to go ahead and reserve your session because spots are limited.  Once my 2016 calendar fills I won't be scheduling more sessions until the new year.  

These photo sessions are also a fantastic idea to gift someone, especially with Christmas right around the corner!  If you are purchasing a session for someone else please let me know! I will mail you a card you can give the recipient with all the details. 
Have any questions about booking a session of your own? 
Feel free to message me on FB or IG, or email sunshinebysara@hotmail.com 

I look forward to telling your story through photos! 


  1. I can only imagine how gorgeous your photo shoots will be in this upcoming season. Those will be some lucky clients!

  2. Sara, one of these days I'm going to gather my family and drive to Arkansas and do this shoot with you :)


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