I wanted these luscious, red tomatoes to giddy up with the post from yesterday.  Because if we're going to pursue health a garden sure does make it easier.  It combines both exercise and good food all in one swoop.  I like that.  There's nothing quite like a good hour or two in the garden, sweat dripping off your brow and legs aching.  The bounty you're left with is both beautiful and delicious. There is just nothing quite like a garden tomato. 

We've made spaghetti sauce, bruschetta (as we ate in Italy every single day), roasted tomatoes, sliced tomatoes, tomato salad, with many more ideas to come.  Of course, canning is also part of our process.  Come winter these beauties will be the eternal spring in the midst of cold. 

Do you garden?  How are you most enjoying your bounty these days? 

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