Now booking fall/winter photo sessions!

First, "Happy Fri-yay!!!".  My favorite day of the week.  

I wanted to share a bit about my photo sessions today.  If you've been around for long or even any time at all, then you know my heartbeat is truly for lifestyle photography.  I adore capturing life in its purest, most authentic form.  My favorite way to capture love, tell stories, and create heart-stirring photographs is by simply being totally present with my clients.  

Sometimes that looks like a photo session on my farm, with a few props included for play and fun.  Other times it means an in-home session, where I simply hang out with a family for a few hours and capture their beautiful everyday. 

My photo sessions always include trust.  You can trust me with your heart, the details of your life, and to see beauty in your story.  On the flip side, I trust you to know how much your story matters and is worth capturing.  Sometimes I'll hear a client say "My home isn't pretty enough" or "I need to be skinnier."  Those, my friends, are just lies.  If not now, when?  If we don't look life full in the face and document it now, when will we?  

It would be an honor to elevate your everyday by capturing you in a photo session.  Whether it's simply you, an entire family, a casual Saturday morning at home, a group of girlfriends, or a special tribe of people you'd like captured, I am taking a limited number of photo sessions now through the beginning of December.  

To end, a special note on why I believe in giving you so many digital images.  It is the never-ending argument in the photo world it seems, to give the images digitally or not.  I am obviously all for giving you a flash drive full of your family's story.  Photos should have meaning, not just be something we store on our phones, and should be printed.  Otherwise, they sit silent. If you were to come to my home you'd find an entire wall of mini photos, 366 in fact.  And that's just on one wall alone!  We also have boxes of photos to sift through at the breakfast table, memories lingering in the air and spirits lifted. 

All that to say, I want you to have these precious memories and to do with them as you wish.  I beg you to print them and let them tell a story in your home.  That is why I believe in a flash drive full of digital images. 

To book your own photo session, simply email or message me on Facebook!