Gone Wishin'

(photos from our weekend camping trip to Starkey Campgrounds)

I just read these words from a blog post by Shauna Niequest (a top favorite author of mine) that I'd printed out from last year.  Just the very fact that I printed them out (who does that anymore?) should have spoken volumes to me.  While they may not have then, they did now
She wrote "Creative, meaningful work comes from a strong soul, one that's been fed and nurtured enough to be bold and honest and fearless." 

"Let's be courageous enough to stop producing for a while, and trust that there is great soul value in stillness, in play, in beach walks.  Let's starve our addictions to noise, to action, to being noticed and heard."

Tsh Oxenreider also said it best in a recent blog post ".....all these excite me (in reference to new ideas!), but I can't focus on them until I focus on my current needs.  And right now, I need to consume good things. I need to consume before I produce."

 I read these questions about two weeks ago in addition to these random blog posts- "What is your dream? What is your vision for the future?"  and I shocked myself by not having an answer.  I still don't have an answer! I do know I want to follow hard after Jesus and take care of the people he's entrusted me with.  I want the walls of my home to be filled with lasting love and good food.  I want our home to be a sanctuary for the many, many people in our everyday lives that need a place to retreat.  I DO know all that.  But as far as my huge, creative soul goes, I just don't know.  Do I write a book, create another e-course, paint?  Plan a retreat, style photos, create a new blog project or series?  

 I need the space to be filled back up and to let God dictate my steps, not me dictate my steps.  So for the summer, I'll be on a bit of a break.  A very, very much-needed break.  You can still find me here: 

1.) On Instagram occasionally

2.) At Mill St. Market June 25, July 16, August 13, September 17, and October 8th.

3.) In my Etsy Shop! My new photography canvases are already added plus many other colorful art prints and originals to add some "happy" to your home! 

4.) Booking photo sessions! You guys, there is no doubt in my mind that I don't need a break at all from photography.  Not ever, ever.  I have three upcoming photo sessions and welcome more!! To book your own simply email sunshinebysara@hotmail.com to plan your own session.  We can do a farm shoot, an in-home lifestyle shoot, or whatever else you have in mind! 

For now, I'm "Gone Wishin" and will see you soon! 
(please pray this season brings clarity and rest)