Visiting Lost Valley (Boxley)

We love and crave adventure in our family.  I sometimes lament to Brett that I drive myself crazy with ideas, always wanting to try new things and go new places.  Sometimes I tell myself to calm down and just be pleased with a stroll in the yard.  This is the funny, absolute truth.  But what is also true is that I crave adventure. Lucky for us we live quite close to several adventure spots, all within an hour drive or so.  
Lost Valley is one of those spots and is simply our favorite.  We've gone here for several years now, the girls graduating from the stroller to walking along the trails on their own! 

During our last visit a couple of weekends ago Anna Ruth wanted to take her camera (which really does take pictures), and take photos and video of the hike.  Proud, proud moment for her mama. 

We've been during varying degrees of crowds, as well as water levels and all are pleasant! Everyone is always very friendly, even in passing on the trails. 
You first walk along a pretty rocky path, which is not particularly easy for a stroller.  However, once you pass this section the path widens and the gravel becomes much, much smoother.  This is where we would push both girls in the double stroller when they were smaller.  The trail then forks off to the right and that's when you walk down to the water.  In visit's past Brett and I have each held a girl and walked down to the water.  This time they both had one of our hands and walked on the big rocks themselves.  Proud moment for us all! 
I love adventuring with him. 
Brett is such a good daddy.  There were several spots where the girls were just begging to go to and I thought it would be too much hassle but Brett patiently carried them both down. 

This little Sunday afternoon trip was such fun for us!  If you're anywhere in the area I encourage you to visit and take your camera! 


  1. It looks like such a pretty place to visit!! I love that your little girl wants to take photos. My daughter takes my camera sometimes and walks around the yard with it. It's always fun to see what caught her eye. : )

    ~ Wendy


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