Strawberries and so long....(just for a bit)

For not sending me hate mail or pointing fingers at my last post about "noise", I thank-you. 
This world of ours feels crazy to maneuver at times doesn't it? Things only seem to get louder as the days go on and if I'm going to make any noise at all, I at least want to be intentional about it. 

The girls are into The Little House on the Prairie audio books, books, and movies right now and they are quaint and simple and full of love.  The stories have difficult moments too.   Some moments way harder than will ever face, like trying to cross a river in a covered wagon.  Yet still, those were simpler times and as you know from my last post, I'm craving that lately.  Something is drawing me toward the simple, sweet things of life like picking strawberries and anticipating eating them on the way home, juice dripping and the sticky smell filling the car with summer. 

For the next two weeks, I'm giving myself the gift of silence.  Goodness gracious I don't mean literally, in my real-life world.  I adore talking, most of the time.  I just mean right now with our current family schedule there is hardly any wiggle room for me at all.  So, I suppose instead of saying I'm giving myself silence it's more like I'm giving myself wiggle room. 

We'll be traveling some (the beach!!), breathing deep, reading books, browsing cookbooks, tending the garden, and who knows what else.  My blog will "come alive" again in two weeks, as will my Etsy shop complete with new products! (have you seen the new photo canvases on IG?!)

I'm sure I'll pop in on Instagram a time or two, but in the meantime if you need me feel free to email

Here's to embracing your own silence and letting the sweet things of life speak loudest. 


  1. Enjoy your silence. The world is getting too noisy for me too. Enjoy your strawberries too!! : )

    ~ Wendy xo


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