currently (a list of sorts)


reading-All sorts of non-fiction books, but mostly cookbooks. Yes, for fun. 
playing-outside all the time

watching-my current online class by Xanthe Berkeley all about making films, birds outside the window, the garden growing

trying-to not worry about a lot of unknowns.  Also trying weird recipes and not to spend $$. 

cooking-Anything and everything! I'm especially intrigued by Thai/Indian/Middle-Eastern food...basically anything not American. 

eating-salad a couple of times a day, with red wine vinegar, olives, capers, and avocado.  Eating greens, onions, and radish from the garden.  Eating cheese and crackers and chicken and dumplings and Greek yogurt dip.  What can I say? We eat a lot of good food around here. 

drinking-Hot tea, and fruit-infused water.  And coffee.  Always coffee. 

texting-My twin sis, and two of my best gal pals.  I love to do funny hashtags, especially with my twin. 

pinning-food, food, and more food.  Pretty spaces, especially if they're outdoor spaces.  And tons of outdoor play ideas.  We live, eat, breathe, outdoors until winter is just simply too cold. 

crafting-right now, stuff for Mill St. Market happening in just a few days!  This is a market in Springdale, happening April 30th for opening day! After I finish that prep I have a long list of creative/crafty things I'm wanting to try. 

doing-a lot of praying, resting, weeding the garden

going-camping !!, to the beach soon, to give myself a creative break to explore my life as an artist

loving-my girls getting older, the sweet reminders of Jesus, podcasts, cooking magazines, string lights, reading books, and exploring outdoors

discovering-I'm a happy gal, mama, friend, and wife when I enjoy food and cooking and treat it as an art, not something to restrict myself from to reach the ultimate physical shape 

enjoying-eating outside, playdates with my neighbor friends, feeding our baby calf, rising early, the magic hour, good dark chocolate

thinking-about lunch and all the fun things I want to do with the girls this summer

feeling-impatient for our third baby. No adoption matches yet. 

hoping (for)-(see above) Our baby...

listening (to)-Podcasts! Although some of the mom-type podcasts are pretty good, I'm really enjoying the Bon Appetit podcast.  Or anything having to do with food, or growing your own food, etc.  (which ones do you listen to?)

celebrating-that summer is almost here!! I'm ready for more space in our schedule, the pool, etc.  Also celebrating my cousin who is graduating high-school! 

smelling-lavender, rain, and the inside of our camper

thanking-God for my family, that I'm alive, and that He uses me and loves me tremendously. 

considering-doing a different schedule with my art shop/online classes.  Possibly open up shop twice a year, and then do a couple of online classes the rest of the year.  

finishing-books! I have a whole stack I've finished. 

starting-to think about Anna entering kindergarden...not next year, but the year after. 

Life this spring is wildly unpredictable, more so than ever before.  It's wildly uncomfortable but I'm hoping once the season passes I'll look back and just like you do on a roller-coaster, say "Oh, that was fun, highs and lows and all!"

What are you up to?