Spring Bucket List (a free download)

Mornin' everyone! I sure have had a lot to say in my last few posts, huh.  I think it's because I write these in the quietest part of the day-the early morning.  The house is quiet and my thoughts have time to come alive.  I thank-you for joining me each and every time here, long-winded days and all! 
I've got several projects up my sleeve that are putting an extra pep in my step.  Come back Friday for the date announcement for Gather, my online class coming up NEXT month!  I'll share more details in Friday's post about what projects we'll be doing, how many video tutorials there will be, and more!  You can also go ahead and get signed up with the early-bird rate of $25 on Friday's post.  I so look forward to having you!  

For today, I hope you enjoy this spring bucket list! There are so many adventures to be had this time of year, aren't there?  To print, simply click the "download here" link and then click "download" in the upper right corner on the Dropbox page.  Hint: sometimes it takes a few seconds for the word "download" to appear!  

Print anywhere you like, frame it, clip it to a clipboard, or tape it to your wall.

However you do it, enjoy this spring! 

I'll see you Friday for Gather sign-ups! 

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