Offer your love language

I used to view my love language as dollars and cents.  When I thought of utilizing my creativity I mostly only thought of paid photo sessions, my Etsy shop, or styling parties for extra cash.  Through a series of months God really began to whisper into my heart that He created me and He is the ultimate creator and that there are people within my world needing the very gifts and talents He's entrusted me with.  Whoa.  Talk about changing my perspective.  I began to see my family, friends, and ministries as vessels in which to pour out my creativity in order to share the love of Jesus.  

Ministry first,
money-making second (if at all).

That is the hard call I made for myself.  But really once my world turned around toward this kind of thinking, it wasn't so hard after all.  I began to hear the voice of God more clearly, prompting me to drop of food for a neighbor and send some encouragement in the mail.  Opportunities still showed up in the form of party-styling, art, and photography but this time it was much easier for me to know what to say "yes" or "no" too because I made sure my people were taken care of first. 

There is great ministry and love that happens when you offer your love language.  Whether it be listening, cleaning, organizing, cooking, or simply planning a fun outing for someone who needs their spirits lifted, we all have something to offer.
 This weekend I had the honor of offering my love language by hosting Easter!  We had 10 kids and 10 adults.  It was wonderfully fun, loud, delicious, and so good to all be together. 

I'll let you in on a peek!

Who can you offer your love language today? 
Perhaps the cashier at the store, your family, a friend, or your child's teacher is a good place to start.

The world needs you and God's love.

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