keeper of the hearts


I'm a heart collector.  Or rather, the hearts collect for me all by themselves.  It's no secret that if we find a river bed full of rocks the heart ones will practically jump to my feet.  Heart rocks, hearts in latte's, hearts here, is my own love language from God.  To put it simply, I notice hearts in the most random of places, whenever and wherever.  And every single time they remind me how much God loves me.  I've given up worrying if that sounds silly to some.  I'd much rather just feel loved.  My most favorite heart moments/photos? Like ever?  

The two below. 

For it wasn't until after I looked at the photos on the computer screen and printed out that I saw it....
the hearts. 

They showed up all on their own. 
Some may call this magic. 
I call it love.

I am the keeper of the hearts.
And the Father keeps mine. 


  1. I too find hearts in random places . . . what a wonderful inspiring way to look at it!

    1. Aren't they fun to discover? And there are truly so many when you start looking! :)

      Happy searching !

  2. Those last two hearts made my heart skip a beat!! So cool! So special!

    1. I know, me too!! I gasped in shock at the candle one...that one really surprised me. :)


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