Friday fun and twinkle lights

It's Friday and I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some fun! First I have a few adorable photos from the girls' Book Character Parade to share because #memories. 
 Anna Ruth wanted to be Sheriff Callie, a character she's seen at her Nana's house on cable tv.  Lol.  I bent the rules a bit and let her take the color book storybook to walk around with since I couldn't find an actual book at Target or Barnes and Noble.  I made her a vest and badge and with the addition of her pink cowgirl hat, she was ready to go!  
 Looking for Mama.....

 Both last year and this one Anna has confidently spoken into the microphone.  She usually tells me later how neat it is to talk into.  I was so proud of her for bravely saying which character she was! 
 And then there's sweet little Bets.  So very much like her Mama.  Betsy made it about halfway down the aisle with her class, saw me, and bawled.   Like big gulps and splotchy eyes.  I grabbed her right up and held her, telling her how proud I was that she had her costume on and tried to walk with her class.  When it came time for her class to take the stage I offered to go up with her and she surprisingly agreed.  She hid her face in my shoulder when it came time to talk in the microphone but didn't cry.  I was so proud of her for trying! 

Two different girls, two different very, very proud mama no matter what.
 Some people say Christmas is the best time of the year, but I disagree.  I say spring and outdoor living is the best time!  Last year we spent quite a bit of time fixing up our front porch and back deck, which made it quite easy to quickly spruce up this year.   These old metal chairs have come from lots of places-the farm, bought, etc.  The cute pillow came from the thrift shop and the mason jar sign is actually a dish towel from my local bakery.  It says "Y'all spoken here".  I mean could that be more perfect?  I clipped it to the chicken wire frame with clothespins and it's already stayed put through our spring winds.  

We (ok, "I") also strung new lights on the back deck.  If you know me well at all then you know there isn't a strand of string lights I haven't bought.  We have multiple strands both inside and outside the house.  To be honest, I can't fathom living in a home without twinkle lights.  For what reason you may ask?  Well quite simply, they make me happy.  I have purchased white christmas lights from Lowe's on clearance, copper wire lights and LED lights from Amazon, string lights from Target, and you get the idea.  To be honest, I haven't noticed a huge difference in quality/how long the lights last with price.  So this year I purchased two strands of lights from Target and a few minutes later had a beautiful back deck! 

I'll share more photos of our outdoor spaces soon.  I have some just waiting their turn to be loaded onto the computer.  Let's end with some Friday fun! 

Here are a few of my favorites lately: 

awaiting the arrival of this book

drinking this, the best tea in the history of ever

going to this concert with Brett this excited for time with Brett! 

browsing my outdoor  livin' Pinterest page

What fun are you up to? 

See you this weekend for a big food/garden post! 

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