in honor of bird-watching

While we enjoy a serendipitous moment or surprise just as much as the next person (ok, maybe more) we still deeply adore our yearly traditions.  The ebb and flow of one season coming and settling in deep in our bones and home, while the faint memory of season's past lingers.  Any reason for new traditions and rhythms to our day is a good enough reason for us.  Winter is undoubtedly, our hardest season as a family.  I know, I know…us southerners have had it so mild this year!  But there are cows to be fed late in the dark, cold toes in the morning, and dark that falls early.  It just simply isn't our most favorite cup of tea yet I don't believe in wishing away seasons of life.  Instead, we've learned to lean into winter.  To fully embrace this season of rest and slow-down.  To sit by the fire and drink hot tea.  To bird-watch.

I used to think bird-watching was just for the bored.
How very wrong I was indeed!  
There is nothing boring at all about watching these flights of fancy flock around the bird-feeder!

Even Farmer Brett gets in on the bird-watching.  He captured this stunning shot of our favorite-the woodpecker.

In the midst of the brown and grays outside, it is simply a delight to my eyes when a flash of color goes flying by, or sits pretty in the tree long enough for me to enjoy.  

I hope you watch some birds today!


  1. I love birds! So many times, when I've been outside praying, the Lord will bring along a cardinal and I've always felt it was Him, telling me that he hears me :)

    1. I love this! God does use gentle, sweet reminders for us doesn't he?

  2. Replies
    1. I know! I can just imagine stories about these birds for days. :)


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