Offer wings

Almost two years ago I started my journey as an artist.  I've sat many times and tried to remember why I first purchased that set of cheap watercolors and my first online class.  For the life of me, I'm not sure at all what made me do it.  I've always loved decorating and DIY projects, always been a crafter.  But painting was a whole new realm for me to try. 

When I first began trying I immediately felt like I had wings.  With each stroke of the brush, I was sure my wings were flying, maybe even soaring!  As time went on and the real life practice that must take place for every artist began, my wings started to feel a bit heavy.  I then jumped into the business side of art, opening my Etsy shop and participating in my first art sale.  Although I would deem both of these as a success (in my own eyes at least), I also became acutely aware of the giant trap that the world of social media can be.  BIG feelings of being left out, not good enough, and very unworthy to keep showing up to my art, took over. 

Wings?  What wings?  

But then just as I would sink into the depths of despair over something ridiculous seen on the Internet, a fellow artist or friend would sidle up next to me, offering their wings to help me continue to fly.  And fly I have.  I may not be a giant success in other people's eyes, I may look like this is just another eye-roll thing Sara is doing.  But art has given me wings and YOU have given me wings.  Every single one of you lovely, inspiring, encouraging souls who have left comments on my art, bought my art pieces, applauded my creativity, and stood right by my side have stitched together the most beautiful patchwork wings I could ever imagine having.   

Today, I challenge you to hold your tongue of criticism for the dreamers and doers around you and instead…offer wings.  For the hurting friend-wings.  For the Wal-Mart cashier-wings.  For your children-wings.  For fellow artists-wings.


  1. Hi Sara,
    As always, I greatly enjoyed reading your post. I love your blog and I love that you can share your heart with your readers. I read your blog while I am on my lunch break at work. I look forward to opening my little packed lunch and seeing what wonderful things you have to share. So, I would like to say "thank you". I don't always leave a comment, but I do always enjoy your posts.

    Kind regards,

  2. Love this Sara. The idea and the visual. Thank you. Xxx


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