The stomach bug (It came. We conquered)

Well friends, you're probably thinking I've been swept up into the "Instagram is better and faster" world by my absence, but nope, you're not rid of me yet.  Two words: stomach bug.  Oh yeah, decided it'd visit every single one of us in the Torbett family.  BUT, it's over, we made it, and I'm back to eating! Wooohoooo! Friends, it is truly the small stuff isn't it?

I save photos. 
I save them like some people save cd's or memories or teacups.  
So these lovely photos have been sitting on the computer, patiently waiting their turn to make it to the big screen.  Today is their chance! I took these at the very tale end of summer, although by the looks of our ladybug invasion, summer hasn't quite left us yet.  What a tease! 

This is my neighbor friend's baby.  Isn't she a doll?!  While we were sick, we had four offers from friends to bring soup.  Do you know how heaven-on-earth that felt?  To be cared for, thought of, loved.  I intend to do that more for my people because it sure helped the long week feel better. 

I DID get the bicycle birthday party styled and photographed before the stomach bug hit, praise Jesus!  Just in the nick of time. I told Brett I'd been wanting to restart my health for a few months…but the stomach bug wasn't what I had in mind to restart it!

How are you lately and what are you up to?  I feel like I have a million things to share here.  The excitement of the holidays and two family birthdays coming up is making my spirit very inspired.  
I was beginning to have the thoughts the other day of how much stuff there is at the holidays-ideas, activities, food, gifts, etc.  It all started to feel like a giant pile of snow about to fall on me (my worst nightmare, as I'm always cold anyway) but then I heard the quiet whisper of God say "Why does it have to be like that?"

And you know what? He's right.  I understand that some of life is just so life-ish. It's not necessarily fun and it's sometimes stressful and we can't help it.  But lately I find myself arguing for the parts I can help. This holiday season I can choose less over more, I can listen when God says to text someone, send them a package, hug them, or be kind.  I can do less activities with the girls that actually mean more.  I can plug in less and worship/sit/relax/fall in love with God (and Brett too) more.  I can eat junk less and exercise more. I can read more, understand more, love more, worry less.

All of these choices are up to me.  I'm ready, with arms outstretched, to see where the spirit of God leads me this next season.  I'm giving myself some much-needed time off from the shop in a few weeks and I just know good things are in store. 


  1. Sara-glad you're feeling better! I love your photographs, showing so much beauty in everyday life (even when you're sick). I especially love that little hand picking the tomato :). I agree-life does feel SO overwhelming at times, and I'm starting to feel the holiday to-do list closing in on me, but I love your perspective of choosing to control the things we can. Great post!

  2. I'm glad y'all are better. Life seems to start anew after a stomach bug lol. This was a wonderful post, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


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