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I'm a journaler.  Sometimes in the sense that I write down my deepest longings, thoughts, and prayers.  These journals mostly stay hidden, just for my eyes.  They are a narrative that speaks volumes of the faithfulness of God.  At the right time, parts may be shared with others, but usually these are just a conversation between God and I.  

Other times calling myself a journaler means I keep more of a scrapbook, or an altered book, where I write down quick snippets throughout the day of God's love, faithfulness, and blessings.  Still a prayer, just one of gratitude and thanks.  Both types of prayers and journals are equally important to me.  We were talking at home church last week about remembering the goodness of God.  I sometimes get so bogged down in current events or the news, I forget to thank God for everything He has done.  I was explaining this to Anna Ruth in conversation yesterday, giving her examples of times other than meal times I say a "Thank-you God."  Like sitting on the back deck having a tea party with the girls at sunset, watching birds soar and deer roam in the back pasture, the peace and presence of God so thick we could have cut it with a knife. 

The offering for today is a prayer journal.  It's a beautiful thing when we offer thanks to God, it almost feels like a continuous love letter.  Or maybe you're season is deep in the trenches and your journal is more like a battle-cry, a call for help.  Both matter, are valuable, and have freed me up countless times.  

I also think it would be just lovely to offer a prayer journal for a friend, as a gift….
filled up with prayers written in our own handwriting in honor of our friend. 
This isn't something I've done yet, but I have a few friends in mind I'm going to try this with.  Friends who I text regularly and say "I'm praying for you!" and while there's nothing wrong with this at all, think of the impact it could make for someone, turning the pages to read prayer after prayer for them. 

Have you tried any of the other offerings this week? 
I'd love to hear. 


  1. So true Sara, there is so much to give thanks for and God is still so good to us. The world happenings can bring fear and uncertainty, but we can rest assured in God's promises and love. Thank you for the reminder, Blessings!

  2. I write in several journals at a time. My prayer journal gets used the most. I have never thought of the idea
    To make one prayer journal for each person I pray for. What a wonderful idea. Thanks. I love your blog, your art, and your two sweet little girls. You brighten my days.


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