Offer fun and celebration!

After giving you much to think about yesterday, I thought we'd lighten things up a bit today.  I suppose that's how the ebb and flow of this series may go, but we'll see where God leads.  It certainly seems to be the rhythm of my own life and yours too, I'm sure.  Sadness mixed with happiness mixed with messy and beautiful, joined with both hard and easy.  A bit of this, a bit of that. 

The offering for today sounds quite simple but we make it so hard. 
Offer yourself or someone else, fun and celebration.  I don't remember when it became so wrong to do something fun for….well, just the fun of it!  I don't know about you, but I always benefit greatly by some fun and celebrating, whether it be for a big reason or something simple and small.  It just does something for my spirit, emotions, and mental well-being to smile, laugh, and cut loose a little.  My feet feel lighter, my chores not so bad, my eyesight renewed.  My love tank, more full and able to serve others.  So tell me, when was the last time you did something fun?  Or even better, something fun with someone else who also needed a dose of joy?  Don't talk yourself out of fun, asking "What's the point?"  Just do it! Trust me...

Here are a few ways you can invite fun into your life and someone else's too!
1.) Use your "good" china, dishes, candles, etc.  and set a pretty table. Just because. 
2.)  Go skating or bowling and try to invite someone you don't know that well.  Women make friendships so hard sometimes.  Let's have fun instead! 
3.)  Bring a party in a box to a friend's house!  Think: cake, candles, party hats, and party blowers.  I mean, have you ever tried to be serious and sad with a party blower in your mouth?  
4.)  Rent your favorite funny movie or comedy dvd (there are some great christian ones!) and laugh the night away. 
5.) Have a game night with silly games like "Minute to Win-It" (just google it).  
6.) Crank up the music and DANCE! 
7.) Try something you wouldn't normally do…even something simple like throwing the football around the yard.  I did this with Brett last weekend and it was FUN.
8.) Learn a new hobby/skill.  If you're like me, and not able to make it to a class in-person, search the Internet for an online class to take! 
9.) Go to a concert 
10.) Try a new restaurant or better yet…cook a new style of food just for fun! I'm wanting to try Indian food. Even better? Invite a neighbor, co-worker, or someone who needs a friend over. 
11.) Host a costume party with your girlfriends! Or a craft night, cooking night, etc.  No charge….just do it for fun.  
12.) Build your own slip-n-slide (did it!) or campfire! 
13.) Go out of town, even if it's just one town over.  

What else can you think of?  Could your life benefit from fun? 
I truly believe shared fun and celebration is where we can meet God.  The world is sad and broken and hard enough, perhaps our joy can lead others to Jesus. In my own life, sometimes my joy tank needs a little extra help getting filled up and that is where my buddies "fun and celebration" come in. 


  1. I forget to do this...have fun... I appreciate these posts so very much!! :)


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