Meaningful Holidays

Happy Monday friends!  Has your week started off as bustling as mine?  I'm sure it has, with the holidays approaching! We have two birthdays during the holiday season too, so this time of year feels especially full.  Full of goodness, time together, and cause for celebration!
I just love to take pictures of things like webs because they remind me during this busy season to slow down and breathe deep and open my eyes wide in wonder.

As I'm sitting down to do some planning ahead, I thought I'd share a few links with you that might help your holiday season be infused with just a tad bit more meaning, and less hustle and bustle.  That is definitely what's on my mind today.  I'm not one to get worked up about people decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.  The two holidays go hand-in-hand in my mind.  I see no greater reason to give thanks than for Jesus!  All this other "stuff" (art, decorating,  photography, etc.) is simply the icing on the cake because of Him.  Without Him, I wouldn't make it. So I say bring on the Thanksgiving AND Christmas all at once.   At our house we do love a good party and presents, but also try to be intentional about the Christmas season.  This means getting shopping done early, so every evening isn't spend browsing the web for presents.  This also means carefully selecting a handful of activities and traditions that aren't just "fun,  but also carry the deep meaning of Christmas as well.

Here are a few links I found via Pinterest, with plenty of ideas that might be helpful to you too!
Ideas for a Christ-centered Christmas

Christ-centered Christmas books

Christ-centered Coloring Pages

Of course, we look forward to hanging stockings, decorating gingerbread houses, and baking cookies too.  We'll also be tending the needs of those around us, because I know that while Christmas is filled with great joy for most, it is a hard season for some.  I'll give you some ideas soon on how you too, can minister to those in your circle.  I pray this year we widen our circles, worship BIG, and serve, whether it be quiet our loud.