Leaf pile

I've heard it said often how much kids take away-sleep, money, etc. 
Only looking at that tiny 1% of the equation simply isn't true. 
My children haven't taken away from my life at all.  
In fact, all my best lessons about joy, trusting God, wonder, imagination, living in the moment, prayer, curiosity, and delighting in things for the simple pleasure of fun have all come for my girls. 
They have no concept of gathering "likes" as many as the leaves, 
no mindset that includes a social media status. 

They are just simply delighted, begging me to rake up the leaves so they could jump in them. 
Lessons from the leaf pile. 

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  1. Lovely girls :)
    I think Fall is a great season because of the coulours and smells. In Portugal, we eat lots of roasted chestnuts and boiled chestnuts. There are many sellers on the streets and the smell is so wonderfull :)

    Love from Portugal :)


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