fall camping

A couple of weekends ago we went camping. 
The weather was just right, cool with sunshine scattered through the trees.  
The air was crisp, the earth just so alive.
Minus the bugs and humidity this time.  

We invited my mom-in-law to come along and she said yes!  We had such fun having Nana along for the adventure.  We hiked, looked at interesting rocks, breathed deep, laughed, lingered….enjoyed adventuring and being together.  I can't imagine a better way to spend a weekend.  

We  saw a whole family of geese swim by….truly magical.

We stopped at the Beaver Dam lookout.  We hadn't ever seen it before and it was gorgeous!  

Between the reading, good food, piles of colorful afghans, campfire, crunchy leaves, heart rocks, strong coffee, and the ones I love gathered near, I almost didn't want to leave. 
Camping has won over my heart this year. 

Are you a camping family?  Have any must-see places close to Arkansas we should visit? 


  1. Dear Sara
    these pictures nearly make me cry..
    beautiful! Thank you, thank God, for His stunning, peaceful, overwhelming creation, where we can rest and fill up, reload, (how do you say that in English? :-) I hope you know what I mean..
    Thanks again.
    Love, Rebecca (The Netherlands)

  2. Looks like fun! I want a camper! Your girls are such dolls and they look like they get along so well :)


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