Slip and Slide: Have your own adventure

This morning I woke up to cool, crisp temperatures and a scratchy throat.  It seems we may actually get to welcome fall to Northwest Arkansas at last!  Labor Day weekend was a whole different story though.  It was hot, hot, hot.  After a birthday breakfast, home church, and chores on the farm/house I wanted to add a last bit of adventure into the weekend.  I rather crave adventure, even in the smallest sense.  There are plenty of chores, calendars, to-do lists, and routines that matter and make up our lives. Yet there's also voice that speaks up loudly in my head on a very regular basis, reminding me how much FUN it is to let the silly, ridiculous, adventurous spirit in me celebrate and have fun. 
It's important to remember that big FUN doesn't have to equal big spending.  Maybe you're in a season like us, living on one budget (or at least a limited budget).  I would encourage you to look for ways to have fun right where you are, instead of concentrating on the things you're not able to do right now.  My theory is, if I can't celebrate what I have right in this moment and find satisfaction here in this chapter, then the next chapter won't fulfill me either.   My grand idea last weekend?

A homemade slip and slide.  
Doesn't it look like Anna Ruth is giving all the praise hands here? (lol)
You guys, this was so much FUN! This mama even went down and screamed the whole way.  We took a boogie board down a few times and then just slid on our bellies.  We laughed and laughed, cheered for each other, and had the time of our lives.  Afterwards we came inside and let the girls watch a movie we got at the library.  In Anna's words "We have our own watermark and movie theater!" 
Another weekend morning we packed up a picnic breakfast and headed out for an early boat ride.  We live about five minutes from the boat ramp and with our girls growing up it's very easy and quick to load up on the boat.  

This houseboat tells a story to me. 

Having a sense of adventure can sometimes mean you simply venture off the regular course, even just a mile or two.  That's exactly what we did, steering the boat towards a part of the lake we'd never been. 

Anna Ruth enjoyed standing at the front of the boat with Brett and I enjoyed sweet snuggles with Betsy Grace.  

This weekend I encourage you to look your circumstances/season of life straight in the eye and make some big, adventurous fun right where you are. 

Next week I look forward to sharing my fall bucket list, a new video/DIY series, and more!  
You are so welcome here. 
Thanks for doing this journey with me! 


  1. Such a wonderful post!! I agree that you don't need to spend lots of money to have a good time. Have a beautiful week ahead!! : )

    ~ Wendy


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