A little fall decorating..

Good morning! Whew, I sure didn't mean to stay away that long! The silly thing is I have piles of posts with photos galore sitting on the computer.  The problem isn't ever not taking any photos, it's finding the time and words to go along with the pics!  But I'm still here and am hoping to get caught up on some things around The Rosy Life this week!
The girls are so much like their Daddy in some ways, and yet so much like me too.  They discovered a new decorating book on the coffee table and oohed and ahhed over every single page.  What can I say? They come by it quite naturally.  With cooler temperatures finally peeking their head around the corner, I've been changing the color palette in our house from rainbow to just a bit more refined.  Too many episodes of Fixer Upper and visits to my sister's house inspired a more earth tone look.  Kinda :)
Pretty much everything in my home I've made myself, bought at the thrift store, or been given. Have a question about any of the decor?  Feel free to comment, I'd love to answer! 

My girls painted the canvas and I am so proud of how hard they worked on it!  I put a huge piece of tape down the middle to get them to stay on their own side without messing up their sister's. They got to come in the craft room with me to paint this and I'll share the precious process soon. 

I always seek to have a home that is full of interesting and beautiful things…as well as useful items for both Brett and I and the girls as well.  Really, anyone who steps through our front door should feel welcomed and free to touch and explore what is in our home!

So much life happens around our dining room table.  Science, math, art, eating, talking, relaxing…all at this humble table. 
In the kitchen I've enjoyed scattering my art and photographs around because I'm in here a LOT and they make me smile.  The stacked squashes were found growing randomly in our pasture.  Isn't that the coolest?!
Where we spend 90% of our time inside :).
This little nature spot is where we're collecting our autumn finds and pulling them out to admire later. 

I recently won this cute mug rack on Instagram!! I have wanted one of these for a long time and was just thrilled to win! Have you ever won anything on Instagram or on a blog? 

The favorites that fill our table are a thrifted globe, boxes of photographs to rifle through, a few favorite reads, pretty paintbrushes, and a little bit of the outdoors brought in. 

Are you changing things up for fall or leaving things alone? 
Where is your favorite spot to relax in your home? 

As always, if you have a question for me about my home just ask! :)
See you this week on the blog!


  1. Dear Sara, your interior is so warm. I really like everything. I love colors and your home is full of lovely colors :)

    And about your question - our interior is changed according to my mood :) Our kids have their rooms, but they love to spend time with us in our living room. So this is that place - place for live and relax :)

    Have a wonderful time with your lovely family! Jolana

    1. Thank-you so much for your kindness Jolana!

  2. My favorite things you have done are the stacked rocks on the table and your water colors you displayed. Your house is beautiful!

    1. Thank-you Miss Ann! :) :) The rocks are from a riverbed along a dirt road. Our favorite kind of place to be!


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