Shop Talk, my birthday week, and a GIVEAWAY

 Friends, I love birthdays.  Let's just get that out of the way before we go any further with this post.  And THIS is my birthday week! Woohoo! I am a twin and this makes birthdays even sweeter.  We'll be turning the big 3-2.  I'm not sure how I'll celebrate, but there's plenty of time to schedule in some silliness.  I'd like to combine my love of birthdays with a shop update and leave you with a giveaway! 
 This little typewriter print was first sketched in my mind, and then on paper in black and white.  I added these words from a blog post last week because they seem to be following me and challenging me the past few weeks.  Last, I made another sketch but this time added color.  Watercolors to be exact.  
An 8x10 art print can be found in my shop here!
I have a thing for typewriters and think they'll be showing up in my art more often because this was so much fun to paint! 
 I also updated a few of the photos in the shop, giving you a better look at what you're actually purchasing (which is an 8x10 art print, like pictured here).  

 This little project I'm reallllllly excited about! 
Coloring pages for the win! 
This is the first coloring page to hit the shelves in my shop. 
You simply purchase, download immediately, and print as many copies as you'd like! 
Do you all love coloring as much as we do?  There's almost nothing better than a great coloring session at our house.  I just love the creativity and conversation that happens around the table as we color.  

You can find this whimsical page here.
 I keep saying I'm "so excited" about each of these updates to the shop, but I truly am!  Each of these additions to the shop have been on my mind for weeks.  
I just adore happy mail.  Meaning anything with my name on it in the mailbox and anything not having to do with bills or the government. :)  My fierce love for happy mail prompted these handmade greeting cards, also listed in the shop! 
 There are two different cards to choose from and each are made with scrapbook paper and a 4x6 high-quality art print of my original art!
 The typewriter card is available, 
as well as the friendship card!

I just know these would brighten someone's day AND mailbox. 
Last, but not least, there is a bit of new pricing in the shop! 
You can now pick out any two 8x10 art prints for $30 and enjoy a bit of savings!
Perhaps one for you and one for a friend?  

You, my friends, are who I want to share with!
In honor of this happy shop update and my upcoming birthday, let's have a giveaway!
Comment below with your favorite birthday memory, tradition, or treat! Leave your email address too please.  
Winner will win one 8x10 typewriter art print, one coloring page download, and one friendship greeting card! 
Giveaway open until Wednesday at 3:00 p.m.! 
I can't wait to read your birthday memories!


  1. FuN! A fun birthday mom had made my brother a 3-layer Italian cream cake for his birthday. We went out to dinner, and when we came back, a section of the cake was missing. It looked like someone had taken a knife and sliced off one side of the cake. The icing in our cocker spaniel's whiskers gave us the clue as to where the cake had gone. We could not believe how perfectly he had eaten the cake!

  2. I was born the day before Halloween. i will always remember my black and orange birthday cakes, different every year with cute little characters all over them. Never scary just really cute. One year my sisters got together, one found some vintage spun cotton characters while the other bought orange and black cupcakes. My memories were in front of me! I almost cried lol.

  3. I really love your new photos for your Etsy shop...such a great way to display your prints!

  4. My favorite birthday memory is when all my friends showed up at my house for my 16th birthday and took me out to Italian food and a movie. It was a wonderful girls day out!


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