Take a photo walk. (a weekend challenge)

The girls and I love to look through old photos.  Whether that be scrolling through the past on my blog or turning real pages of one of the many photo books we have lying around, there's just something about looking back and reliving all the fun memories we've had as a family.  

One day last week Anna Ruth requested to look at some photos from last summer so I brought the computer to the table and we all gathered around.  As our eyes began to take in the view I felt a certain kind of sadness.  There was something to my photos from last year I was missing but didn't even realize it until that moment.  My first thought was "Oh no, I've lost it.  My photos this year don't capture quite the same beauty."  Of course, immediately following that thought was my realistic voice, the one that knows better.  I inwardly picked up my megaphone and gave myself a talking to.  The truth is every single day is just as beautiful as the last.  If anything changes, it's our eyes.  Some seasons of life may hold only a tiny moment of beauty, big enough to only be called a speck.  But still, something.  We rose from the breakfast table, amidst happy squeals from my girls over last year's photos.  I decided to let the laundry and dishes wait and instead picked up my camera to head outside. 
I heard my soul tell my feet to slow down. 
So I did.
With camera in hand, I noticed.  
There is an art to this noticing.

Friends, nothing...not one little speck of beauty had changed.  It was all still there. 
Flowers tucked in among the rocks and dirt, light sprinkling through the trees, wildflowers blooming and braving freely. 

This weekend as we celebrate our freedom, I challenge you to slow down, take a photo walk, and invite the beauty in to sit a while.  

I'll see you Monday and don't forget to read yesterday's post to get signed up for my next craft night!