Visits with Grandma and Papaw

Growing up I spent a lot of time at my grandparent's house in Rudy, Arkansas.  Or at least it feels like it was a lot of time.  I remember Christmases there that were made up of all the stuff a really fun childhood Christmas is made of.  I also remember getting to go stay at their house in the summertime.  Once I tried to go by myself and just cried.  I vividly remember sitting in my Grandma's lap, watching cartoons, and wanting my sister badly!  Twin probs. :) 

It is now my greatest pleasure to take my own girls for a visit to my Grandma and Papaw's house every few weeks!  Their yard and flower beds and gardens are just lovely, full of all varieties of plants and flowers to admire.  Of course both Grandma and Papaw have such knowledge of what things are and how to get them to grow it's fun to talk to them, especially with my lack of knowledge! 

We've fallen into our little routine each time we visit.  The girls and I arrive mid-morning and play outside.  I love being able to see the pond where I fished as a kid and the pasture where I was so scared of the cows.  Look at me now-living on a cattle farm! Ha!  Life is funny, isn't it? 
There are games I remember playing as a kid...that I now watch my own children play. 
I could say it a million times, but it really IS just the strangest/best feeling.  
Kind of like deja vu. 

I enjoy hearing stories from when Grandma and Papaw's kiddos were little too.  Sometimes if one of the girls is having a toddler moment either Grandma or Papaw will help me remember it's normal and that I'm doing a good job as a mama.  I never have to worry about being embarrassed if the girls get ornery at their house.  THAT alone is huge!  Their home is such a safe, fun place! 

I got tickled at Betsy Grace during one of our last visits because she thought she heard an owl.  I admittedly, thought it was an owl too but Grandma told us it was a mourning dove.  We hear the exact same thing at home and the girls have in their minds they are scared of the sound.  Silly girls. :) 
The sound of a mourning dove is actually one of my favorite sounds in the entire world. 
Especially now that Grandma said it was her favorite too!

Have you heard one before? 

We always leave with something....a hug, a bouquet of flowers, a fun memory tucked into our minds.
That alone is a great lesson for me.  It's exactly how I want others to feel about visiting my home or even my heart.  Hands full.  Heart fuller. 
What can you do to leave others with something in their hands or heart today?