Teaching Mixed-Media! A recap!

While I do genuinely love to create and can't imagine life without it, I also can't imagine life without other people.  I am a people person.  That doesn't mean I'm Miss Extrovert or that I walk into a room and am the life of the party.  It just means people fascinate me.  All kinds.  I love to people watch and am always wondering what other stories are being told in the lives of those around me.  

So naturally I was quite excited at the opportunity to teach my first mixed-media class at Canvas Corp right here in Springdale!  A way to connect with people AND make art? Yes please!
For those unfamiliar, Canvas Corp is a local company that produces craft wares, paints, and all kinds of other goodies right here in Springdale! They ship world-wide and even have a local store you can shop at, anytime! (with reduced prices...the icing on the cake)

The class took place at the store on a Saturday night. 
8 ladies came to paint and play! It was seriously so much fun to have other women to chat with and bounce ideas off of.  I just loved it.  I showed the ladies how to make a mixed-media canvas using the garden line scrapbook paper and all kinds of fun paints, including high impact and sprays!

(seriously, doesn't this look like fun?) 
Each class member got an apron to wear and a cute tote to take home, as well as all of the craft supplies they needed for their canvas.  I think almost all (or all) said this was their first time with mixed-media.  I am positive they left having learned something new!  By the smiles and hugs, I'd say they had fun too. 

Thank-you Canvas Corp for the awesome opportunity to teach with your beautiful products!
I can't wait for the next class!
Local gals, stay tuned and you should join us! 

(out of curiosity, do you go to events like this? Why or why not?  The cost for this particular event was $25 which I think is quite reasonable!)


  1. I love events like this, and if there were any of them anywhere near me, I would be all over it! The price of $25 sounds very reasonable.

    1. I love stuff like this too! There is just something about creating with others that is so deeply satisfying :)

  2. I love to take classes, but my interests are pretty specific (I am picky.). This looks like so much fun! This would be a class I would want to take. The cost is very reasonable.

    1. Not bad at all to be picky! Especially since there is so little time and so many fun things to learn! :) :)


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