Summertime in the country means snakes.

Well friends, summertime in the country means lots and lots of new "visitors."
Snakes, spiders, bugs, birds, you name it-we've got it! Inside the house (well, not the snakes) and out, we are fully engrossed in summertime company!

The lightning bugs are my favorite.

I don't want the girls growing up to be squeamish and squeal about every single little bug or spider so I try to teach them to be curious and calm instead of run away and scream.

Except for when it comes to snakes or wasps.  
I have told the girls hundreds of times, that if they see a snake to run for it!
Maybe this lesson will stick when they're older and dating?
Ha! I hope so. :) 
If you're wondering how we captured these because we clearly didn't run for it, allow me to explain. This huge black snake was on our front porch so after calling Brett and figuring out it was an ok snake I grabbed my camera with the zoom lens.  I was able to stay far enough away but still capture the story of the snake seeing Bouncy.  Or maybe the other way around! 
Ok, now if THAT doesn't make you squeal I don't know what will! 
Betsy Grace and I crouched down on the porch (once the snake moved on to the yard) and I snapped away.  She was quite fascinated with the snake but Anna Ruth wouldn't even come in the front yard at all.  Smart girl. 
It was very exciting to watch Bouncy approach our little visitor.  She aggressively circled it, growled at it, and barked and howled.  

We watched for a few minutes until the snake looked like it was headed for the porch and then we ran for it!

Just another exciting summertime day in the country. 
How about you, do you have snakes?