My return to health this summer.

Didn't that title sound so overly dramatic and big and fancy? 
Those blog titles get me.  I really just wish they weren't there at all. 
But the truth is, I have felt myself return to a healthy, stronger, ME the past month or so and want to quickly share what that looks like.  Maybe it can help you too? 

A bit of back story....I've always been a curvy gal and worried too much about my weight.  We could get stuck there and preach on that topic alone for daaaays.  But it is what it is.  
I've had periods where I've been super disciplined with every single food I put in my mouth and ran 4 miles a day and have been super skinny because of it (can we say last summer?)

I've had moments where I haven't focused on my health at all, minus cutting out sugar, and have felt the effects in a huge way.  This is where I was the past six or nine months.  People often associate being "sugar free" with being completely healthy and it just isn't true.  If you're still eating salty food and too much of it, and exercising too little, that equals a sluggish you!  Trust me, I know!

After feeling drained of energy, bloated, and tired all the time (no, not from my girls either) I decided about a month ago to make some changes.  A healthy medium for me seems to be eating mostly fruits, veggies, and proteins during the week.  I also drink LOTS of water.  Walking/jogging about 2 or 3 miles on the treadmill most days has helped tremendously too with my energy level. Then the weekends I eat some carbs here and there and take a day or two (sometimes) to rest from the treadmill.  Camping trips and vacations I treat myself some, but don't go crazy overboard.

I feel so much better already!  I haven't seen much difference on the scale, but it's taken me almost 32 years to figure out the scale doesn't tell everything! It's like a dishonest friend people.  My energy level is MUCH better, my muscles feel strong, my gut is healthy and happy.  The first week of cutting out carbs and a night-time snack and adding the treadmill was horrible.  I cried, like a big 'ol baby.  That was my sign I was too emotionally dependent on those snacks during my day because I really wasn't even hungry for them.  It was just my comfort at night.  So now Brett and I have been drinking a cold seltzer water with lemon juice and reading at night, instead of snacking. 

I'll share another post soon with what I'm eating and how I'm staying really full, all day long!
Do you have any questions or experiences about your health you want to share? 
Is this hard or easy for you? 


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