the language of flowers.

I suppose I've always felt, all along...that flowers have their own language. 
Or at least they certainly speak to me. 
I can look out upon a sea of wildflowers and hear a word from heaven I wouldn't otherwise,  without these wild and free beacons of hope.

The talking doesn't limit itself only to the wild and free ones. 

Even these, captured at our local botanical garden, have something to say.

I recently read a book about flowers and the foster care system.
It was called simply The Language of Flowers.  
The whole back section of the book (and really the words throughout) were all about the deeper meaning a flower holds. 

I had never heard such a thing before, but I like it. 

Which flower is speaking to you today? 

I'm going to go with a combination of geraniums and cornflowers.
Sincerity and riches. 
Sincere riches. 
(the kind that money can't buy)


  1. Lovely post. I remember reading about how during Victorian times, people would take great care to select the flowers that were included in the bouquets they sent because they spoke a message. I think that is totally cool. I love your photos. Nice work Sara!

    1. Thank-you Susan! It would be super cool to make some art with the theme being "the language of flowers"…hmmm… :)


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