custom orders-This is a big day for me.

Today is a very big day for me.  From the outside it looks quite normal.  Errands (including the dentist and a hair trim), fixing the meals, cleaning up the overrun cat food bowl, relaxing on the back deck with my girls.  But tucked in-between all that was a visit to the post office.  And this wasn't just any visit to the post office.  It was a day to celebrate.
Today not only did I mail one of my original canvases to its new home in Florida, but I also have an original custom canvas sitting in the car, just waiting for a turn to be delivered as well.  
So for me, this day is big.  Huge.  
Last night as I was carefully wrapping each one in tissue paper and writing a note to each recipient I thought of how completely honored I was for someone to purchase my art.  
It is the highest honor I can think of when someone else shows appreciation for what my hands and soul and fingers have made.  I can't even quite put into words what that feeling is like.  If I could look at each of you who have purchased art from me I'd probably tear up (big time) and say thank-you over and over and over.  It is worth repeating. 


These photos are of an original canvas as I was working to complete it in time for a sister's birthday.  Selling an original canvas that I've collaborated on with the client is an even deeper story that I am just in awe of.  Getting to hear the client's vision and reason for wanting the canvas is just so, so neat. 

This particular customer wanted this verses to go on the canvas, for her sister who was part of the Peace Corps and now works for a non-profit.  
The sides were especially fun to paint! 
This is a look at the canvas all finished up!  The lighting is a bit dark because that is when I get my creating time lately....early, early morning.  
I am so very thankful I have listened to the still small voice of God over the last year and kept painting.  I mean, I just love it.  Too many times over the past year the bigger voices of comparison or silence even, have threatened to shut my painting down.  But then I feel God reminding me of the connection I feel between here and Heaven when I paint.  And that alone is worth picking up a brush for.  The icing on the cake is getting to create something for such lovely people like yourselves.
I'm taking orders for custom canvases if you have your own idea you'd like painted!


  1. Woohoo! Many congratulations what a wonderful milestone for your art!


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