Celebration Week Day 5: Retreat Gals share their photos!

(taken by Sydnee)
We all have such stories to tell, don't we?  I remember when I first became a mom, other moms of all ages, shapes, and kinds would stop me in the store or out and about and extend a hand of kindness.  I suppose that was the first time I really realized, we're not all that different, you and I.  It reaches past motherhood even though.  Your story, your emotions, your flavors, smells, memories, and laughs…are interesting and they matter.  My story isn't any more fascinating than yours.  The same author wrote both life stories with equal exuberance.  
(taken by Sydnee)
And that is exactly what the Photography Rosy Retreat was all about.  We're all made of fascinating plots and twists and turns,  We each get to choose what we are about and who we're about. You can pick up dozens of books at Barnes and Noble about the technical side of photography.  This day, however, was about the heart.  I'm happy to show you the retreat gals' photos, straight out of the camera.  I had advertised this retreat as being for all skill levels and ALL camera types, including phone cameras! I'm happy to say these photos are a mixture of phone pics only, shooting in manual mode, and shooting in auto.  There is room for us all.  
(taken by Sydnee)

(taken by Debbie)

(taken by Cindy)

(taken by Christin)

Take a peek at yesterday's post for a peek into my own view of the day. 

I truly, truly enjoyed this retreat.  One of the first things I told the ladies was that the day was a safe place.  Meaning, it was ok to ask questions, tear up, laugh, get waaaay down on the ground for the best shot.  Anything was ok and accepted.  Fears, doubts, and insecurities weren't welcome.  And I truly felt that with this day and group!  We were all ourselves and gave ourselves permission to learn.  

Along the way over the past year I've been saving up experiences and memories, deciding which things to continue placing my time and efforts in.  This retreat is definitely on my YES list.  
Stay tuned for the announcement of the next Photography Retreat date! 
I hope you'll join us, whether with your phone or camera, to learn how to capture your story well. 


  1. What a wonderful recap of your photography retreat! Loved seeing the pictures and process you
    all did!


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