What Easter means to me.

See that cracked egg up there? 
That's what Easter means to me. 
It means people plotting long ago to crucify Jesus and looking like they won. 
 It means a story that looks and sounds and feels imperfect. 
Surely our Savior could have called down help from Heaven, instead of hanging on a cross amongst sinners, left to die…..

But that's not the story's end.  In fact, the cross is where it only begins. 
 As Anna Ruth says "Jesus died to take away our sorry's". 
Indeed, He did. 
He loved us so much He took the cross for us…
and died. 
Stored away in a tomb, the story seemed cracked, broken, sad beyond repair.
 But it didn't stop there. 
Jesus didn't stay in the tomb. 
He rose!
He was alive then and He is alive now. 
This is what Easter means to me. 
It means serving a God that is bigger than our biggest imaginations, 
letting the cracks of my life be filled with His grace and resurrection power,
and celerating how ALIVE Jesus is. 

We're all a little cracked, our stories all a little sad at times (sometimes a lot sad). 
But our story doesn't have to end there. 
Jesus has come to rescue us. He's abundantly alive and with great honor I say to you 
"Happy Easter".

(be back next week)


  1. Anna Ruth has got it spot on!! Happy Easter to you and all your family

    1. Hope you had a Happy Easter Carie! :)

  2. Happy, Blessed Easter dear Sara!

    1. Thank-you so much Mary! Happy (late) Easter to you too! He is alive! :)

  3. ::goosebumps:: So good! I love how you can see a cracked egg and find life there. You're a good story teller Sara!

    1. Thank-you so much friend! I hope you enjoyed your Easter! :)

  4. Happy Easter Sara! It really is amazing, isn't it?

    1. Yes Susan, more amazing than I stop to think about most days. Happy Easter!


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