Springfield Discovery Center Field Trip!

We like to adventure out as a family, beyond our farm fences. 
We are learning what works well for us, as far as time and distance to travel and what is most fun for everyone.  
We are huge, huge fans of children's museums. 
They are hands-on (obviously), full of fun, and allow Brett and I to jump right in with the girls. 

Last year we stumbled across the Discovery Center in Springfield (MO) and had such a good time we decided to take them again this year.  Last week actually.  What a difference experience it was having Betsy so much older and active!  This was such a fun day for our family. 

The girls were interested in absolutely everything we came across.  We ate at Anderson's on the way there for breakfast, which is a gas station/restaurant.  Their food is seriously good.  Then we fed the girls a snack before entering the museum and had Chick-fil-a on the way home in the car.  We debated staying in a hotel, but didn't feel like spending the $100-$150 on one.  
Betsy Grace surprised me by wanting to lay on the bed of nails. 
GO BETS! :) 

This moment was just precious.  This older boy was pretending to be the store clerk and I prompted Anna to talk to him just how we would a regular grocery store clerk, pretending to pay him and everything.  Both kiddos acted kinda nervous but played their parts well. :) 

I have no idea what we'll do when our kiddos are too big to do this kind of stuff.  I'm still pretty much a five year old inside half the time so I don't think I will ever outgrow this kind of fun!  I think it is so good for our kids to see us having fun right alongside them.  

What have you done fun with your kids lately? 


  1. What a wonderful place! I think I remember you posting about it last time and it looks just as fun this time if not even more now Betsy's bigger. It's the start of a whole new phase isn't it, when all your children can do something not just look at it!

  2. I remember enjoying the Childrens Museum with my niece Candace when she was little, it is as good for the grown-ups as it is for the kiddo's. Sweet memories and photos

  3. awe, we live close to this museum and my girls love it! they never get tired of it! ;)


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