The art of noticing

Mornings are my favorite. 
You can add that statement to the list of things I thought I would never, ever, EVER say.  I mean, it's right up there with my deep and sincere love for cows.  I used to shudder if one even came within 20 feet of me and look at me now! So back to mornings.  They are my fave.
I think it must be the thought of all that possibility ahead.  The world is still and relatively quiet.  I've started a habit of waking before everyone else.  One day this week I was busy as a bee in the studio, packaging art prints for the upcoming sale.  I happened to glance up and immediately gasped.
The fairy houses were back.  No, I don't suppose that's what these are really called but who wants to know what that is anyway?  I don't.  I just want to take in the magic of the little webs spread all over every pasture.  I'm sure there' s a logical explanation for such a phenomena but I sure don't care to know what it is. 
All I know is, come spring, these magic webs appear. 

They're intricate, detailed, so fragile looking yet so strong. 

As I wandered around the pastures, alone with just my camera and God, I had the thought yet again.  That I might not know a lot sometimes, but I know the art of noticing is worth……well, noticing.

I know this because as I got down on my hands and knees I spotted this little web, hung as proud as a handmade quilt.  
Then things got even better.  
As I crouched down by the quilt web, I looked over to see this.
You all know how much a web speaks to me.  
"Don't you think the web itself is a miracle?"

Oh yes, a mighty miracle indeed.

There's an art to this noticing business you know.  A lot of guts and bravery to show up and notice with your own original eyes , heart, and soul.  But when you do……it is heaven on earth. 

I felt and saw and heard God everywhere I looked among the fairy houses. 
And then I got to come in and watch Anna Ruth care for our dog and I saw God there too. 

I pray you notice today.


  1. So beautiful! I've found that I'm more likely to truly notice what's around me when I'm viewing it through a camera lens.

    1. I agree with you! The camera seems to take away distractions instead of add to them.

  2. Just really liked looking at your photography of the spided webs. And I so agree
    there is such an art to "noticing" the world around us, especially nature. You captured this in your pictures so well! It also reminded of Elizabeth Gilbert who always writes about following your curosity.

    1. Thank-you so much! The spider webs are always, always my fave. :) I haven't read Elizabeth Gilbert's books but should. :)


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