snow days, spring, and miracles.

 Spring is right around the corner.  We just know it.  We feel it in our bones, have an extra pep in our step.  Garden plans are underway, a few seeds even tucked in safe and sound under the blanket of snow.  Yes, you read that right-snow.  Again!  
We've gone all winter long with nothing but a good chill through our bones.  Hardly any snow to talk about.  And yet we find ourselves snowed in for the second week in a row, strains of Christmas carols playing in the background, feet padded in jammies as we're tucked in safe and sound together.

 I don't mind.  Today I stood out in the snow for a minute and it was the most surreal experience.  The flakes were giant and swirling so fast it felt just like being inside the middle of a snow globe. I keep reminding the girls that spring will be here soon and we'll traded our jammie feet for rain boots and stomp about in the garden and mud.  We can't wait.  But for now, we're enjoying this last goodbye of winter.

 The girls and I baked some really delicious bread today I thought I'd share with you.  I honestly wish I could share a real piece across the computer!  Add a few cups of coffee and we'd have ourselves a real rosy chat. 

 This simple banana bread is sweetened with organic, pure maple syrup.  I don't typically eat desserts made with white sugar except for a rare occasion.  The girls and I sprinkled some cinnamon and brown sugar on the top of the loaf and it added such a nice crunchy, sweet taste.  

 Both my girls are eager helpers in the kitchen but Betsy Grace is really the one who delights in pouring, mixing, tasting, and feeling every single ingredient we come across.  We say she'll be our little chef someday. 

You can find the recipe for this delicious bread here.
I think this would make a delightful gift for a friend, wrapped all pretty.  I'll have to make another loaf soon and share a few wrapping ideas! 

 The last part of the day we were graced with noticing this. 
As Charlotte's Web says, "Don't you think the web itself is a miracle?"

 Yes, we do.  I had already noticed the web on my own and hadn't said a word about it.  Then along came Anna Ruth later in the day and excitedly pointed out the window, calling me over to see the web. This made my heart skip a few beats….so proud and happy to know my girls are learning to see God's tremendous beauty tucked in almost every nook and cranny.
On my own, later in the afternoon, I stood and watched the strands of the web hold tight against the pull of the wind.  The question kept running through my mind, over and over.  How did the web hold together through such fierce winds?  

That isn't anything but a miracle. 


  1. Such beautiful snowy images, but alas, I too am ready for green grasses and garden plantings, sigh........ Nothing better than little ones in footie jammies though!

    1. I agree with you…..little ones in footie jammies is just heaven on earth. But bring on the green grass!!!! I'll even take the mowing that comes along with it :)


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