Photography Retreat Workbook (sneak peek!)

Photography is such a passion of mine.  I mean, it is dear (so dear) to my heart.  It's been the very lens through which I've been able to seek out the beauty in the darkest times of my life.  It's my light-catcher, my joy-seeker, my hope record-keeper.  You get me talking about photography and using this wonderful tool to capture the beauty that I just know is a part of our lives and it just all comes so naturally to me.  I can think of nothing greater to do with this gift of story-telling than share it with others.   Behind-the-scenes the past few weeks I've been writing the workbook for my upcoming Photography Rosy Retreat.  Think of it like The Rosy Life's guide to capturing the rosy in your routine.  The workbook is full of practical tips, inspirational thoughts and reflections, tons of photos and ideas, resources like my favorite books, websites, and apps, suggestions for props and themes to keep your own passion flowing and more! 

I have spent hours pouring my heart and soul into this workbook in preparation for the retreat coming up in just a few weeks! The page above is a sneak peek!  I look forward to artfully preparing details for the retreat in the next few weeks.  I want beauty to be tucked into every corner and each lady to know what an honor it is they've decided to free up their day and come learn on the farm with me. 

It's not too late to sign up! The cost is $100 which covers snacks, coffee, and tea in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, a retreat workbook, and plenty of teaching from me from 9:30-2:30!  The retreat date is Saturday, May 16th and will take place on my farm!  

To sign up, comment below letting me know you're interested or send me an email at! I'd love to have you! 


  1. It was fun looking at your retreat pictures. It looked so fun and inspiring. Not for sure how to ask this... but if you had a extra workbook I would love to purchase it.


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