My Anna Ruth.

 Or really, that title should say "Our Anna Ruth." 
When Brett and I first found out we were expecting a few years back we had no idea what was in store.  No idea what an energetic, smart, talkative, introvert at times, silly, little girl was headed our way.  And along she came.  We're even more blessed that she's had the most wonderful teacher ever this year at pre-school.  Miss Debbie is gold.  She's fair, kind, consistent, patient, and most of all-FUN! Anna Ruth is learning so much at school and having fun.  She had a book character parade this week and I was the most proud mom EVER.  She even spoke into the microphone!!! I beamed like she'd won Olympic Gold.
 I've also been keeping a list on my phone of all the funny things Anna Ruth says.  So without further ado, I present Anna.
 Between your hair and your sweater, they seem pretty rough.  You need a hair trim. (talking to me, lol)

I am mysterious. 

Mommies don't like cakes.  You don't like sugary things.
 Sometimes I just don't have much to say. 

Sometimes I get disappointed about leaving Nana's. 

(after I told her to organize her toys instead of dumping them all in a cardboard box….) But Grandma and Papaw have all their toys in a cardboard box. (they do.  She outsmarted me. Again.  And yes I made her organize them anyway!)
 (after watching the RED team, the Razorbacks, losing a basket ball game)…Maybe we could switch the white team to our team! (they were winning, clearly)

Your bottoms a big bottom.  

Your tummy's a big tummy. (yes sweetie, it had the important job of holding you and sis!)
 Daddy do you know what I think?  I think you're ridiculous! 

It's like the potty just gassed (after it flushed loud)

I'm being kindful to Betsy Mom! 
 Did Santa ever come this year?
I think he's an illusion.

I like it when you hold me. 
 And my favorite-every time I drop her off at school Anna Ruth says "Mom, I like you."

I sure do like you too, my Anna Ruth.
I like you a whole lot. 

(to be continued…Anna Ruth could write my blog posts for the next year!)


  1. Aww she's such a little sweetheart - and I love her Thomas costume!

  2. HA! How old is she? 3? Ada will be 3 in April. They do say THE most hilarious things. I keep meaning to write things down in a journal for her, but that never happens. I might try keeping them in my phone too. And from what I can tell, there is nothing big about your bottom or your tummy. haha! :)

  3. My favorite is when she was barely two I held her up to the cuckoo clock to watch it. She asked me how it worked. Knowing you guys explained things to her I was telling her about gears and chains and asked her if that was too much information. She said "Yes"!

  4. Soooo sweet! :)
    Anna Ruth is such a lovely girl :)

    Love from Portugal!


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