hello spring, part 2

I mentioned in my last post how glorious the daffodils welcoming us into spring were…and they truly were!  But that wasn't all that started our spring weekend off right.  In case you think I have an annoying case of the "rosies", let me set things straight.  I was actually feeling quite miserable Saturday.  Like real, real miserable.  I had a few errands that just had to be done that day-they'd been put off far too long already.  So I made it to those during the rainy morning and came back home to climb promptly right back into bed.  Thank goodness for Brett (always) helping me with the girls! 

But then Sunday came.  
The rain gave way to sunshine and everyone woke up feeling pretty good!  As soon as breakfast was over we busted out the back door as fast as our feet would carry us.  I mean, there was green grass waiting after all! 

We spent the rest of the day happily outside.  The girls went between their slides, playhouse, and the garden…and just roamed the entire yard really.  Brett planted a few things, and I did a bit of decorating for spring.  All of us together, happy and outside.  It was wonderful.

(doesn't this make you want to take a ride with a picnic in the front?)

That afternoon, during the girls' rest time I started a project that is VERY unlike me.  I painted our porch table white.  White is typically not a paint color in my vocabulary.  Like ever.  But I'm surprised to say I real, really like it.  I'll share more details soon! 
We ended the day in the mud, on a farm drive that is. 

Just such a lovely way to start spring! 
What is spring looking like at your house?

(Come back tomorrow-I have a fun studio feature I'm a part of to share with you!)


  1. Everything looks so nice and Spring-like. I can't wait for the daffodils here. We still have some time before that will happen here in Michigan. Things are melting, the days are longer and Spriing is on the way, but the weather is still a bit on the chilly side. It put a smile on my face to see the budding trees. Nice!

    1. Hi Susan! It's so hard to wait for spring, isn't it? I bet you have grand plans for gardening and lancscaping! We're sure trying… :)

  2. Your smile looks like Spring too!
    Bárbara, Portugal


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