dances with the daffodils

 We have a special "hello spring" ritual here on the farm. 
 Every year, the daffodils are the first to welcome us to spring.  
 It doesn't matter if the ground is still largely covered with brown, crunchy leaves reminiscent of winter. 
The green and yellow begin to parade their way through anyway.  An almost trumpet call of sorts, spring has arrived!  

 We have indeed, made it through winter.  Our feet begin to feel ready to add an extra pep in our step.  Our wings begin to shake off the dust of laying dormant for far too long.

 With each yellow, cheery daffodil that waves as we walk by, we hear them cheering us on.  Whispering reminders that we were made to soar and fly.  
And what better season to do so than spring?

 Just a few short weeks ago the ground was covered in snow.  
Our family was in the middle of about a month long sickness.
 If there were signs of spring stirring beneath the ground, we sure weren't seeing them. 
 Yet, there was the most holy act stirring. 
The changing of seasons.  
 What couldn't be seen with our physical eye was a feat much greater than the eyes themselves can understand anyway.  

 Perhaps this is a little, or a lot like God? And the heavens and the battle between darkness and light. 
When things look the darkest, there's always more stirring up the light than we can see. 

 I know this because yesterday as our family of four marched right through the glory of the daffodils, I could hear the ties and baggage of the past being dropped left and right.

 It was as if each pop of yellow was standing in a long line, a proud parade, to celebrate our family being ushered into a season of new.  And not just weather-wise either.  The air is fresh, the slate is clean. Our hearts are stronger and yet ready to be made soft again.  

 For several reasons, winter may have tried to pull the curtain of darkness around us.  Ending with an encore of sickness for about a month.  But the darkness didn't win.  It never does.

 Yesterday I looked at Brett and asked "Did you ever think this day would come again?"
 We both grinned, squeezed hands and looked forward as we sighed with happiness..
We made it to daffodil day. 


  1. Such a cherry and wonderful post. Your girls are beautiful and one can just feel the excitement of gathering flowers to their heart's content.....

    1. Thank-you so much for your kind words! :)

  2. Beautiful - thank you Sara.


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