The spring story series…new in the shop.

I've noticed a common thread throughout my home decorating, God-thoughts, prayers, and art lately.  Spring and stories.  Spring because I feel God restoring my faith in goodness lately…I feel the warm winds starting to blow, the mystery in the air, the sun on my face.  I hear God reminding me that we aren't just flesh and blood, sad circumstances and stuck here on earth.  We're amazing, thrilling, soulful STORIES.  Each and every one of us.  

And so, my art is layered with those thoughts…and ideas of jumping in our pop-up camper with a string of twinkle lights in one hand and my girls in the other.   These art listings are all for an 8 x 10 print and all about spring, stories, and the soul.  
These roses were purchased for me by Brett and Anna Ruth after a bit of a rough morning….so I suppose they're sort of the typical "I'm sorry" or cheer up roses.  But I don't mind.  Isn't that real life?  Brett said he wanted to get a cheaper bouquet, but Anna Ruth knows "yewwow" is my favorite color and insisted he get these.  That's my girl…looking out for mama.  I have enjoyed them over and over and over…..I feel love when I see these photos and I hope you do too. 

 This is the little canvas that could.  I started this canvas with the dreamiest picture both in my mind and sketch book.  Then I started painting and for some reason, I kid you not-there were at least five times I thought that I was just going to throw this right into the trash!  So I stared the canvas down and determined it would NOT get the best of me.  I looked my art right in the eye and gave it a good talking too.  We came to an agreement that I would continue to work on it and push through the "I don't like you" stage.  We pushed and pushed, my art and I.  And then a few layers of magic started to show up.  A few work sessions later, pure magic.  I mean, just as dreamy (or more so) as I saw in my mind.  This has turned out to be one of my top favorite canvases ever. 

I'm so glad I didn't give up on the little canvas that could.  Now, who's ready to meet me in the middle of nowhere?

Brett and the girls and I recently bought our first pop-up camper!  So Ben Rector singing "Let the good times roll" combined with great plans for even greater adventures this spring and summer inspired this little pop-up cutie. 

I've been told many a time (in case you can't tell from this post already) that I was a "daydreamer." I'm not ever really sure if the giver of the declaration means it as a compliment or not, but I'd like to think it is.  To me it is at least!  I just love a good daydream.  Do you?  Wouldn't it be grand to sit on a puffy pink cloud, daydreaming the day away?  I suppose for now, staring at this dreamy art will do. :) 

Friends, thank-you for letting me share my newest art with you. 
You can find each of these prints (both photos and art) in my shop!
I'm not listing any originals in the shop for now because I'm preparing for my first ever art booth at Vintage Market Days in April! (April 10-11 in fact) I'll be selling almost all of my original canvases at the show, as well as art prints, photo postcards, wooden photo holder blocks, art necklaces, and stitched paper flowers! 

 I look forward to "seeing you" on the blog this week!  I must have a dozen posts at least all filled up with photos and just lacking words.  (oh words, where are you?!)  I'll see if I can string together some sunny thoughts that make sense to someone other than myself and look forward to seeing you back here just about every day this week! 
(because no one wants a true peek into my mind…it'd go something like this "taco bell, girls' coats, make bed, pay bill, cat in closet, spoonful of sugar, birds nest from sheet music, I need a shower, country music, hugs and kisses)….well, you get the point. :) 


  1. Happy Weekend!
    I see you have updated your blog layout. It looks great! Nice work! I love the new work. I am especially smitten with the vignette showing your art, typewriter and roses. That is exciting news about your April show. I wish you the greatest success and look forward to following along next week.

    1. Hi Susan! It is so beautiful outside today and perfect for working in the garden so of course I thought of you! I bet you would have the best ideas for my country yard :) Thank-you for the compliment on the blog layout! I actually tried a few ideas before this one but the fuzziness of the photos bugged me so this it is (which I like too)

      Thank-you so much for the well wishes in April! They will go in my confidence boost thoughts I'll say over and over to myself at the show :)

  2. Vintage Market Days is going on my calendar. I would love to meet you and see your art in person. And we love supporting local artists so I will have to bring something home. 😄

    1. Hi Melody! I apologize for my late response…some kind of sinus crud has me down this week. BUT, I would absolutely love to see you at Vintage Market Days! I'll have to hug your neck of course :)

  3. It's good to know about these things. And with great pictures to boot! Thanks for giving us this very strong glimpse into your artistic frame of mind. The fact that these are all available for purchase is a welcome bonus. Cheers!

    Eloise Pittman @ Viper Online

    1. Thank-you for your sweet words Eloise!

  4. How was your vintage market day experience? I hope you had a lot of viewers and costumers checking your booth! I think your style creative enough to stand out from the rest. Anyway, thanks for sharing your lovely works with us, Sara. Good luck with your future endeavors!

    Travis White @ Marketing Digest


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