Our Hand-Built Playhouse!

 We seem to be a hop, skip, and a jump away from spring!  This warm weather loving gal is pleased…for the most part.  I admit I really (really) wanted a deep, white snow that covered everything on the farm.  But there's still time I suppose.  For now, we're letting our imaginations and  legs run free outside in the very warm weather!  We eased on out to the playhouse this week to give it a breath of fresh air.  
 My husband gets every last bit of credit for this little house.  A year ago from Thanksgiving he started on this little playhouse he'd quickly sketched out for the girls.  He's never built anything like this before but is quite handy with tools and fixing things.  Reminds me of my Daddy. 
 And so, the building began.  He's worked on it for hours, here and there as he's had the time.  He works (more than) full-time and manages the farm with cows as well.  So his free time doesn't show up in big chunks, much like I bet yours doesn't either.  But, as seems to be our motto around our house…slow and steady wins the race.

 The girls decided they wanted their play kitchen moved to the playhouse so that's just what we did.  I added a clearance Target garland, the girls' art, and some handmade decor by me.  

 The girls have really enjoyed playing kitchen and restaurant!  

I'm hoping to spruce up the outside a bit once spring officially arrives.  My favorite spot to be is on this little balcony, watching the girls play in the garden. 

What outdoor home projects do you have going this year? 


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    1. Thank-you Cheryl! I think I need to sneak out here for some painting and snacks, lol :)

  2. Such precious memories being made in the house daddy built....So sweet....

    1. You bet! My sisters and I had a playhouse growing up that my Dad built and it still brings up the sweetest memories for me. I'm glad for my girls to have the same, whether they realize how special it is now or not. Someday they most definitely will.

  3. Can I tell you how much I love that playhouse!?!?! I kinda want to come play. When it's warmer. ;) It is so fabulous and I love the decor! What a treasure those girls have! You guys are doing an awesome job! :D

    1. Thank-you so much Sydnee!! I say a big "yes" to a playdate when it warms up!


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