This winter I've really had to get creative about finding ways for the girls to get plenty of energy out.  
And so, a homemade paper hopscotch and jumping it is.

Anna Ruth frequently jumps around, hopping to and fro for no apparent reason other than it brings her great joy.  It's all very normal to me and not something I've given a second thought, 'till now.  
Wouldn't it be funny if adults acted more like kids and just jumped up and down whenever we felt like it?  Seems like a lot of calories and anger would immediately disappear.  It's almost impossible to stay in a bad mood mid-hop.  You should give my theory a try. 
Betsy Grace is really the one we clapped and cheered for this day because she's just now learned how to get both feet off the ground!!
She's been watching Anna Ruth for days and doing a little funny hop but both feet haven't flown 'til last week.  We cheered as if she'd won Olympic Gold when both tiny feet lifted up high and came back down with a smack. 

Who says mama's can't jump too? 
I almost self-consciously didn't post this, but around here we're all about bravely being ourselves.  Can I tell you the girls were absolutely thrilled when I jumped and hopped on the hopscotch with them. 

They just need/want/desire/love us don't they.  Not some other more perfect version.  Us.

I'll jump to that. 

{tomorrow, my thoughts on being healthy and the slippery slope of the scale}


  1. I love this so much and love that your girls love staying in pj's!! YAY for mom jumping too!!

    When mine were pre-k age I homeschooled them and tried to be creative in learning and fun. One game was making a very easy to read or a hand drawn box of different colors and I would go tell them to find things around the house of those colors. We would have a rainbow party with the objects, just made up games and do a little adding with the objects and what color do we have more/less of. Even as they got older I did this and made it harder as they got older by using not just colors but shapes/textures/etc.
    Another version of this was to tell them to count how many doors in the house, in the kitchen or how many windows upstairs/downstairs. Anything to get them moving and having fun and learn.
    Another favorite was to use duct tape on the kitchen floor and make shapes with it and have the kids walk on the tape to outline the shapes, hop inside or outside the shapes, sit down in/out of shapes. You get the idea, they had a fun time with this one too.
    Hope you don't mind me sharing, just seeing these pictures of your girls made me remember mine and the fun we had too.

    Hope your weekend was a good one new friend.

    1. Dawn, thank-you so much for these ideas! I really appreciate it and we will be trying these out for sure!

  2. This is such a fun post! I am known as the "Strange Aunt" in my family. The one who still likes toys and laughs loud and yes, "Jumps!" I like jumping for fun, once you get your momentum you just can't stop!
    Love all the photos!

    1. Lol, Indigo-you sound like the FUN aunt to me, not strange at all! :) :) If you were at my house my girls would love your jumping!


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