Winter tablescape.

Tablescape, as defined by "Wiktionary" (such a reliable source, I know)-
An artistic arrangement of articles on a table
Our table most always has art supplies in the middle of it and I prefer that. One afternoon recently Brett got the girls up from rest time and excitedly told me Anna Ruth walked straight to the table and started watercoloring, all by herself! This was music to my ears.  

But along came Christmas Eve and I wanted a special table. A dressed up version.  We don't typically do candles at the girls level because that means it's a constant job to keep Betsy Grace out of the candle herself!  But I also think it's very good for little girls (and boys) to experience the fancier side of life and know how to appreciate it fully.  So a fancy tablescape was set. 
I hadn't dressed up our table in a while and was quite surprised when I pulled this together quite quickly.  In fact, I even told Brett I was so pleased to see I "still had it in me!" to quickly come up with a creative idea.  Thinking on my feet…if you will. 

The details of this table are actually quite simple.  Think: layers.  
 The middle centerpiece, as you can see, is made from very ordinary items you could find in your yard or on sale at Hobby Lobby! By combining them and mixing items of various heights, as well as texture, your eye is given many places to look and roam, instead of just landing on one arrangement in the middle of the table. 

We ate salmon..ok, so I actually had chili with mustard (lol).  But everyone else including our guest of honor, my mom-in-law, ate salmon and asparagus and baked potatoes.  We listened to the most beautiful Christmas music and afterwards Nana played with the girls while they danced alongside Brett as he strummed Christmas carols on his guitar.  Once he played Jingle Bells the other carols meant nothing to Betsy Grace.  She'd look up at him with those chocolate eyes and say "Sing Jingle Bells Dad" in her two-year old gibberish only us can understand.  

It was truly one of my favorite nights of Christmas. 
I hope you'll arrange a winter table of your own! 
If you do, I'd love to see! 
Email me a picture if you'd like (
Happy Tablescaping! 


  1. The very best kind of memories. :)

  2. I love the natural look of the tablescape. So elegant!

    1. Thank-you Angela! That's probably the first time anyone has ever said my decorations have looked elegant. What a nice compliment. :)

  3. Oh it looks beautiful! I'll admit our dinner table has our computer on it and usually a whole heap of bits and bobs from various projects pushed to one end but it is nice to clear it all away and make a pretty table!

    1. Carie, what you described IS our table a good part of the time and is definitely how my craft room looks MOST of the time! This particular night I just put all the stuff on another kitchen counter! :)


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