Thanksgiving + Birthdays.

This year my sweet Betsy Grace's birthday happened to fall on Thanksgiving.  Brett's birthday is in December so I'm pretty accustomed to making sure the birthday boy or girl doesn't feel like the holidays overshadow their special day.  Just because it's smacked next to a major holiday doesn't make their arrival onto this earth any less grand or special!  So the celebration must go on. 

We actually celebrated Betsy Grace, who turned the big TWO, for several days this year!  We started with this fabulously sweet tea party, put on by Nana.  
Nana ( my mom-in-law ) had the table set beautifully with all kinds of sweet treats.  She even set out the real tea cups for the girls to hold and use! Now THAT'S love.  It reminded me of my childhood days having tea parties at my grandma's house!  The girls filled their bellies with treats and enjoyed the company of the other family member's in attendance.  Their baby boy cousin even attended! 

The next morning, Thanksgiving morning, I woke real early to set up Betsy's presents, balloons, and banner on the table.  We also had a bubble machine going and homemade cinnamon rolls!  

We got her a "My First Playhouse" and she has already played with it so much.  I get tickled every time I look over and see her playing with the mini toilet, lifting the lid in glee.  

(yum! I took one HUGE bite and that was all. I could have eaten the whole pan though! So tasty!)

She sure tried to blow her candles out, but ended up needing mama and Anna Ruth as enforcements.

It was such fun celebrating our sweet Betsy Grace! 
She is a fiery little girl, sweet as sugar, and in love with animals.  Her favorite activity ever is to get out the dog and cat food and feed Bouncy and our cat.  Betsy Grace loves a mess and to feel the texture of things.  She is definitely an all out mama's girl.  This brown blankie in the picture is her everything! She is so very attached to it.  

Her favorite characters are Thomas the Train, Curious George, and Minnie Mouse. She loves to read books, play chase, and sit on my lap. 

Now we have a two and three year old in the house! 
Let the games begin! 


  1. Aww Happy Birthday Betsy Grace, it looks like you celebrated in style! My littler girl turns two in a week, it's such a lovely age isn't it!


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