The Sewing Sisters

My friends, it feels like winter has arrived.  Normally the weather seems like the most boring place to go for conversation, but when the morning temps are 25 and the piles of quilts on the bed are growing by the second….well, it just seems fitting to go there. We said "hello" to our frosty temperatures with a little indoor snowball fight this week.  Rumor has it we might even get some snow this weekend.  
I wasn't ready for this at first.  For the slowing down, the staying home more (have you ever bundled and buckled two toddlers in freezing cold?!), the inside play, the stillness.  And then, suddenly I was ready.  It must have been the nights by the stove, cozy under my momma's handmade quilt, that did me in.  I'm craving and ready for rest.  For a few months to savor all the good memories of the last year, and look ahead just a bit to the next.  To sew and putter around the craft room.  To paint.  I have new stories in my head to paint that are like nothing I've created before.  I'm excited to have the space of winter to roam a bit. 
Winter also brings time to roam a bit with my girls.  Spring and summer's are spent tromping around the farm, playing all kinds of wet, messy games.  Exploring galore and using the outdoors as our classroom.  While I don't expect to stop our outdoor learning during winter, it does give us a bit more time indoors.  We started our winter fun by pulling out the sewing machine, photographs, a heart paper punch, and crayons/oil pastels. 
Our goal was to make some new art journals.  I'm very excited and proud to say the girls and I have filled up our journals we purchased at the beginning of the school year!  They are just beautiful to look at.  With it being time for new journals I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to sew something.  
The girls started out by coloring two pieces of a cereal box, one for the front cover and one for the back.  Anna Ruth glued some hearts punched from a magazine onto her covers, as well as her photographs.  I did Betsy's for her because all she wanted to do was dump out the crayons and colored pencils.  That's real life sometimes! (especially when you're almost two)

Next, each girl got a turn at the sewing machine.  This picture sums up our real-life learning moments quite well.  Betsy Grace has usually climbed someplace she really shouldn't be, things are spilling everywhere on the floor, and both girls are so incredibly eager to learn and use both their hands at the same time.  So it's a bit of an adventure is what I'm saying. 

But it is an adventure worth taking.  I find myself sometimes getting frazzled with so much activity happening at once when I'm trying to teach the girls something.  I suppose my first response would be to just shut it down.  But really, these precious girls wouldn't ever get a chance to learn much of anything if I shut things down every time my human nature felt things were slipping off balance a bit.  The big picture is, crayons can be cleaned, hearts (ok mine) can pray for patience……
the learning and joy must go on.  

As I was later recalling our sewing morning to Brett I told him it both amazed and terrified me a bit how much Betsy Grace loved the sewing machine.  Like really, really loved it.  I say "terrified" because I reminder her over and over not to put her tiny hands under the needle.  She was quite fascinated with watching it go up and down.  But, with reminders and full attention from me she stayed perfectly safe and I believe we've found a new passion of hers.

I adore how the journals turned out.  Obviously Anna Ruth's is kid made and Betsy Grace's is not.  Maybe she'll be more interested next time.  

A few things I tried to teach the girls about sewing, Anna Ruth especially,
was where the "on" button is, how to lower the presser foot, not to touch the needle, and how to guide the paper (or fabric) through the machine. 

These sewing sisters made my day. 


  1. Oh that looks like fun! My Kitty is very into making little books at the moment though we've only used washi tape to hold the whole thing together - I've not yet dared let them near the sewing machine!

  2. Sara, we want you to know how much we appreciate your posts.We never miss them. Thiis one is precious! G&P

  3. Now this has stopped me in my tracks. I was just thinking about selling my sewing machine as I NEVER get it out! But then I saw your pics and realised what an invaluable lesson it is for children. Although mine are growing up first, I wonder if I should keep it 'just in case'....but I say that about everything!

  4. What a wonderful idea! I'm inspired to do this with my two daughters, thanks for sharing!
    p.s. i love your blog!

  5. Right now, I have so many sewing deadlines that I kind of lost the joy. Thanks for sharing it again through your daughter's eyes!!! <3

  6. Thank-you all for your sweet, thoughtful comments! YOU have reminded me what a joy the sewing machine is…and that I should keep getting it out for the girls. I wish you many rosy, sewing-filled days.


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