Repurposed Grill Top Wreath! (DIY)

I never know what to put up there for the title…
mostly because a lot of the projects I share involve something I spotted on the farm or in our yard and I quickly claim for my own, not knowing the real name of it is.  Well we'll call this a "grill top" how 'bout? It's the part that's supposed to go on top of a mini grill and I discovered it at the farm and instantly knew it would be fabulous for a project or two.  Or three.  
 I ended up fancying it into a wreath.  Just me and my hot glue gun mindlessly attaching leaves cut from old book pages (my fave), my own art, and some art stickers I had laying around.  
 I added a cute yellow, canvas flower I bought at the local crafting warehouse and nodded my head in approval.  
We've actually had this on the door for a pretty long time.  I just didn't get around to posting the idea 'till now.  I think I'll challenge myself to see how I can turn this into a Christmas/winter decor item next.  

Grill-top wreath, I'm coming for ya.  In the meantime, thanks for adding some rosy cheer to our front door!  


  1. It does look very cheerful and sunny - definitely a lovely way to be welcomed home each day!


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