Mini House Tour…and monkeys on the bed.

I'm a rearranger at heart.  I like to move things this way and that, scoot a chair here or there.  It's complete fun to me.  I remember reading on Beth Moore's blog way, way back that she didn't like rearranging things.  Like ever. I was so surprised that someone could not like such a thing! Especially Beth Moore, who I admire on so many levels. 

This week I've been in a bit of a move around mood.  Paired with a good housecleaning today..well, it just felt right to snap a few pictures of my home.  
 I've read the signs on Pinterest that try to equate how much dirt a house has with how happy the children are.  We stand in the middle on that one.  I want my girls to have a house that's completely fun and full of things they can touch, play with, and explore.  I also want them to learn the value of cleaning and taking care of what we have.  And that beautiful things matter.  Surely with all the beauty in the earth it's not selfish to make our homes and lives beautiful too?  I don't think so.. 

Today we had a good 'ol fashioned cleaning day, as we do a couple of times a month.  The girls watched some Dr. Suess, played, and helped me.  They are such eager helpers and I like having the company, instead of them being holed up in the other room.  
 Our home is a hodgepodge of the girls' art, my art, thrifted finds, farm junk, and a whole lot of DIY and color.  A little homespun happiness, if you will.
 With the cold, brisk wind giving me goosebumps I suppose that's a sign it's just about time to switch my mantle for Christmas and winter.  Let the creativity begin!  

 I like to have plenty of things (books, blocks, toys) within arms reach for my girls.
 We place a huge importance on having photographs hung, whether that be in a frame or not, in our home.  I can't even count the number of times I've caught the girls standing by this photo wall, just gazing at each one.  I've been thinking of switching the photos out on it too….
maybe even giving each girl their own square of favorites.  

We'll see….
In this little corner we used to have a huge armoire I painted turquoise.  It was very colorful and eye-catching and I'm still quite surprised with myself for moving it.  But move it I did.  It's now in Betsy Grace's room and suits  me just fine there.  This rather simplified dresser is very unlike my normal style and I very much like it for some reason.  
 With each minute the sun sets a bit earlier I seem to be adding another strand of twinkle lights somewhere…..

 Our real-life kitchen involves crockpots and lots of pretties piled on a shelf because I spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen.  A whole lot.

 If I don't make art for any other reason, I at least make it because I like to look at it.  :) 

 Our dining room table was the only big purchase we made when we moved into our home, about 3 months before Anna Ruth was born.  We must do at least half of our day at this table!  We cuddle, watch shows, read books, make art, bird-watch, deer-watch, learn, experiment…
I love life around the table.

Of course, I have to admit, this little room is my favorite.  My ever-so-messy craft room, just littered with piles and alllll the good stuff.  I have so many projects and sketches and good books piled here I've been wanting to share.  Not for a job, not for money, not for publicity…
just for happiness and joy and letting my pile of good things grow. 

 As much as I love capturing our home looking a bit more spiffed up and shined than normal, I have to admit the everyday glimpses are what steal my heart. 

Especially the moments like these,
two monkeys caught jumping on the bed! 

I love these memories and moments,
monkeys and all. 


  1. Love this post! Your home is wonderful...full of creativity and love!! Sweet little monkeys too!

  2. Really lovely!! Cute little monkeys, too!

  3. It looks EXACTLY as I had it pictured! So warm and cozy and bright!

  4. Your home is lovely....... filled with creativity, beauty and love.

  5. I think your home looks gorgeous - full of colour and cheer - and I love the photos of two little monkeys jumping on the bed!

  6. Such a cozy, creative home filled with wonderful decor. Thanks for sharing.

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