{Happy} Thanksgiving and my Betsy's 2nd birthday!

Today is not only an extra-special day for giving thanks,
it's also my Betsy Grace's 2nd birthday! 

Many words are stored and mulled over and reflected on in my mind about last year and the specialness of Betsy Grace and how I've had the honor of watching her fully step into her.  Not just a baby personality…but a Betsy Grace personality. 

For today, let's dance and giggle and celebrate.  Let's chase and laugh and wear party hats.  Sing happy birthday 'till we're hoarse.  Cheer and clap and gulp back tears at the amazing bucketfuls of thanks we have to give for the hand of God on our lives over the last year.   Let's show gratitude for this sweet, happy, mama's girl named Betsy Grace.