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Happy Halloween Eve everybody!  We have plans for two monkeys (Curious George times two) and a "Man with the yellow hat" costume.  Of course I'm typing this a day or so early and not entirely sure how I'll pull that off by Halloween night....but I'll try. :)  What are your plans this Halloween?

I've still been painting and am looking forward to completing some new ideas combining sewing with some of my painted pieces.  Where that journey will take me I'm not quite sure...but I'm excited to see! 

Here's a look at my process for a new piece of art I've titled simply "Hope". I had so much fun painting this one.  Before I started I was sketching some one night and thought "I really just want to paint flowers and girls.  All day long."   And immediately my next thought was "Why not?"  It is my art after all and I suppose the entire purpose of art is to share what is unique to the creator. And so, more flowers were painted.  

I started by sketching this out a bit first.  Sometimes I do that, other times I'll use collaged pieces, or even just paint freehand.  I like all three methods.
This is the finished piece!  To me, it screams "Happy!" 
(I need to add this to the shop soon! For now I've been enjoying it :) ) 

A bit of news...I applied for my first ever handmade/vintage market which will be happening in the spring (April, to be exact). I wasn't sure my application would be accepted, seeing as I was informed only a limited number of art spots were available.  But, I was accepted!  I'm a bit nervous, but mostly excited and have all kinds of ideas for things other than my original canvases and art prints and greeting cards (which I'll obviously have plenty of for sale as well)  I'll keep you updated! 

What's a word speaking to you lately? 


  1. Congratulations on the show!!! The word that I have to keep running through my head is "No." -- no I don't need to join every swap, no I don't have to participate just because everyone else is, no I don't need to make everyone handmade presents, no my house doesn't have to look perfect, and so on. It's a struggle. But looking at happy pretty things helps. :D

  2. I love this piece! Congrats on the show...I want details, please!


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