A Teepee built for 3

Is "teepee" a bad word? I feel like it is? Maybe because it's not politically correct?  Hmmm, I'm not sure and we won't let that thought take over the post! Because I hope you know by now I would never, (like ever) mean to hurt anyone's feelings.  Let's "shake it off" girls instead and have a look at this special teepee built for 3. 
 "Let's go outside and build a branch teepee" I said.  "Do you think mom can do it?"

After receiving a quick, confident "yes!" from Anna Ruth that was good enough for me so we headed out.  

 Turns out, I CAN build a teepee big enough for all three of us!  It was already delightful with its bare branches standing strong. But then once we draped a vintage quilt over the back...
pure magic.

We all three huddled inside and listened to the airplane flying overhead, to which Anna Ruth wondered if they could see us.  We talked to the crickets and wondered what they said back, picked up acorns and beautifully torn leaves.  We giggled and tickled. A lot.  

Little teepee in the trees, we have plans to build a campfire next to you and roast marshmallows!
'till then. :) 


  1. Aww that's so cute - what a lovely way to spend the afternoon, you all look so snug!

  2. Adorable! I think building a teepee is a great idea, and politically correct. I think the hot water starts when you start naming sports teams, or public groups.

    Also -- thank you for actually using a vintage quilt! I see so many saving them in a closet for "someday". They are meant to be used and loved, and it makes my heart sing to see it as a teepee. :D

  3. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/beba-bean-pee-pee-teepee-5-pack-in-football/1016302767

    I think this proves that "tee pee" is not "politically incorrect"! The fact that you even felt the need to qualify makes me shake my head at our "politically correct" society, which, most of the time, is FAR from correct! Sigh........

    I guess you could always call it a "wig wam"! :-)


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