Studio Scenes....

At what point do I "get" to call the craft room my studio?  I'm not sure.  I think I'll go ahead and claim it now.  A few weeks ago I was battling some major perfectionism and felt very stuck and unhappy in my art.  Then I decided to get over myself, start an art journal, and make art for the pure and simple pleasure of it.  How much fun I'm having!! I believe I could make art, pursue art, live and breath art forever without ever tiring of it.  

These little cuties were added to the shop after a particularly enjoyable weekend in the studio.  Painting at nap times, before the girls woke, and a bit after bedtime.  Just here and there, happiness inserted into each one.  I so enjoyed painting these little ladies.  I have a whole slew of gals in my imagination to paint next!  
(these listings are for an 8 x 10 print!)
The girls and I took "the studio" outside one evening by making a collage of all the interesting found items we stumbled upon.  It was like being on a treasure hunt!  I love seeing the end result...all those colors and textures together.  

As I mentioned, a big part of the creative process for me now is simply imagining, playing, and trying new ideas on paper!  Starting is always the hardest thing in the world for me.  Often I'll mull an idea over so many times it feels like it will be worn smooth before I even get started.  So I'm learning to stop thinking so much and just let my fingers do the talking.  
 My studio is often quite a mess.  About once a week or so I feel the need to create some breathing room and I'll clean it out real well.......
and then start over with the creating and mess-making.  Such a happy little spot for me, this room is.

 I ordered these inexpensive pastels off Amazon for the girls and I to use and I'm just loving them! They were under $5 and have the greatest shades of color.  It has been super fun having a new medium to work with and include in my paintings.  

THIS is a beautifully inspiring blog I stumbled across last week that will definitely get your creative juices flowing. 

What have you done to be creative today?!